Sep 20, 2021 General Article

Hiring a personal injury lawyer is fairly easy. A victim simply needs to do some basic online searches and a plethora of firms will pop up for the choosing. It is however unwise to just click and hire. There are several things to consider when hiring an attorney, one of which is cost. The best attorneys cost a pretty penny because they are good at what they do and they have a splendid track record of winning cases for their clients. Clients need to understand the factors that influence the cost of hiring a good attorney and why they are worth every penny and more.

Contingency Fees.

Some specialists, like nursing home abuse attorneys work on a contingency. This simply means that they only charge their clients at the end of the case and only if the case is won. This is a huge risk on the part of such firms and it speaks to their commitment to winning their client’s cases, not just because they want to help them but also because if they don’t win, they don’t get paid. This puts them at a financial disadvantage if they lose. It is quite understandable how this affects the cost of hiring an attorney.

The Case Expenses.

Attorneys often have to spend a lot of their own money building the case of their clients. Asides from the basic, foundational information provided by the client, the attorney has to spend money and utilize often scarce and limited resources to move their case along. The cost of expert witness testimony can cost a lot but their testimonies are often needed to solidify an already existing evidence that may not be sufficient to stand on its own. Court fees, forensic analysis fees, cost of transcripts, legal research, and administrative cost are some of the financial implications of filing a legal claim and it costs money to arrange. So, it’s only natural that the client offers a sizable percentage of an already enormous settlement as payment fees.

The Complexity of The Case.

Simple cases are easily handled and settled very quickly. Complicated cases on the other hand require more time, more work, and more resources all of which fall on the shoulders of the attorney. Complex cases often require more thorough investigation from both the attorney, the police, and other related authorities. Forensic analysts, medical professionals, police reports, and eyewitness statements are just some of the resources that are needed to clearly define the legal grounds of a case and established their client’s right to legal claims. This also affects the cost of hiring an attorney.

The Length of The Case and The Possibility of Going to Trial.

Lengthy suits are often common with complex cases although some seemingly simple suits can take an ugly turn as new information comes to light, and then take a long ugly turn. This alone will affect an attorney’s cost. Most attorneys are paid by the hour so the more time they spend on a case, the more the bills run high. Even worse is if the case goes to trial. Court fees can run quite a bill and the attorney will have to cover it in the hopes that when they win, the client will offset the bill and pay the decided fee.

All this information might seem a little intimidating, however, when one considers the value of having excellent legal representation with a winning track record, the advantages of hiring such far outweighs not having one.